Sign up to host

Rent out your unused outdoor space to one of our passionate horticulturalists, and get paid a monthly fee to put towards that holiday you’ve been eyeing up!


How to list?

We have a simple three stage process. Register, fill out our garden details form & specify how much you charge per month.


Who rents?

Choolip is home to hundreds of horticulturists in your area! They’ll search, find and rent your listing if it fits the bill!


How do I get paid?

All payments are securely processed using PayPal with no fees! You’ll just need a PayPal account!

Sign up to rent

No need to wait years for an allotment. Let us tee you up with people who don’t use their outdoor space!


How to find a space?

All our hosts list their garden on Choolip. We have a simple search and find tool to locate the best matching gardens to meet your needs!

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Is it safe?

Of course! Choolip ensure all gardens are safe to rent before they are listed on the site & all money is securely processed through PayPal.


How do I pay?

All our hosts display their monthly rental price on their listing. Your payment is taken out on the same day each month until you decide to cancel on PayPal!

Sign up to advertise your shop

If you’ve got an excess of produce you’ve grown, you can set up a shop listing and sell it to your neighbours to stop it getting binned!


Do I need a “real” shop?

Not at all. Becoming a Choolip greengrocer allows you to simply advertise your produce that you may be growing a little to much of in your garden.


Do they buy online?

Advertise your produce by simply adding pictures to your listing! Customers can’t buy online but can get in touch via a range of communication methods!


How much is it?

Choolip charge a small fee of £5/month and will list your shop until you decide to cancel. Your shop will appear on our listing page!